A Lot of “Must-Read” Information

Today I’m setting you up with a TON of good business information. This is bonus material from Dave Ramsey’s bestselling book, “EntreLeadership”. This is a MUST READ for anyone that is in a leadership role, especially in business! If you

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Spencerville, Indiana Website

http://www.SpencervilleIndiana.com Extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to work on this project! Spencerville, Indiana is the oldest settlement in Dekalb County, and is where you will find the Spencerville Covered Bridge. You still have a few days to register

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Whiteboard Animations

Using Animation for Marketing

Brand New! Elated to bring you a brand new (to me) service! So new, in fact, that it’s not even on my website yet! Marketing Animation Using scribing technology, your message/product/service is conveyed to your audience in a powerful, captivating

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How Much Traffic is Your Site Getting?

Google Analytics

Ever wonder if anyone is really checking out your site? Google has plenty of FREE tools available to help discover many aspects, trends and behaviors of your visitors, giving you precise information on what attracts traffic to your site. Google

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Spider Vision

Designed on Purpose website

When we visit a website, we might see pretty pictures, bright colors, moving objects and flashing lights. But have you ever wondered what a search engine sees when it visits your website? Spiders Search engines all function on basically the

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More Than Just Websites

Photo Collage

Designed on Purpose is about so much more than just websites! I created the photo collage above several years ago when my daughters were younger. Photo collages make wonderful gifts for that special someone or occasion! Remember that special time

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Is Your Site “Google-Friendly”?


Does your site rank high enough? Many times we forget that creating a website involves much more than just great-looking graphics. Search Engine ‘spiders’ crawl your site looking for certain things, but since it cannot see things as a human

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